Every Caress Hides A Chokehold

Just me being lovely ole me. I'm Seth. If you'd like to know something, just ask! If you'd like to describe your fantasies to me, even better.
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I know I never post anymore, I don’t really get on Tumblr anymore. But I’m really happy and just wanted to share with everyone possible. I’m finally going to New Zealand this August. It’s been a childhood dream, and I’m ecstatic. :D Cannoooot wait.


Aurora borealis-inspired piece. Almost finished

Done by the wonderfully talented Ben Bowlin / Pierced Hearts / Seattle, WA

instagram: isaacgv

Po has finally had enough of Tinky-Winky’s shit

LG HDTV job interview prank.

A few other pics of my sleeve in progress reworking and adding new parts by kev totton ta2ink newcastle uk. Instagram @kev_totton. Thanks again

Gothmog The Great Valaraukar by Nautilluz

Done by Thomas Hendrix at Sink or Swim in KCMO.